PayQuote is a fully-customizable quoting system for payroll HCM providers that automates the sales proposal process with an easy-to-use online tool for quote creation.

Preconfigured line-item calculations take the guess work out of creating a quote, while the line-item discount options provide managers and reps the flexibility they need to easily create and send an awesome quote. Improved quotes, increased sales!


  • Reduce the time and effort for your sales team to create a professional error-free quote with digital signing capabilities
  • Straightforward setup functionalities make it easy for the admin team to manage products, costs, and options as well as build in logic so a crucial line item isn't left off a quote
  • Customized approval chains ensure discounts are approved before a potential client sees the quote
  • Designed to handle multi-frequency, multi-entity, any product configuration, any billing frequency, and custom fields when needed
  • Implementation Fees calculated based on percentages of categories or line items
  • Automatic task or implementation items added to rep once quote is won
  • Commissions per quote can display for each rep
  • Dashboard overview and reporting features allow sales managers to stay on top of quotes and what is in the pipeline

Approx. Cost: $400-$500 per month
A set-up fee is determined based on your calculation needs and complexity.

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What can PayQuote do for you...


Increase efficiency & reduce errors by automating your quotes with your sales formulas.


Build professional quotes with custom templates that reflect your business and your sales models.


Follow up for success with reminders and reporting, see exact sales pipeline at a glance per rep.


Manage deals from start to finish with the sales dashboard. Approve discounts and close more deals faster with all opportunities on your radar.


What Clients Say

  • Lori Brown, IPPA Board of Directors, VP PayNorthwest

    With my team using PayQuote, our reps can quickly generate accurate and professional-looking quotes. I have the ability to easily see what my sales team has quoted at a given time, where the sales are being generated from, and even why we lost a deal. The information the system provides allows us to constantly evaluate our pricing and sales approach so we can stay competitive at every turn.

  • Melanie Crow, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, Inova Payroll

    We have worked with this quoting system since 2016 and it just keeps growing and getting more and more robust. The system is so flexible and customizable you can create a great experience for your sales team while maintaining control over the quoting process. The capability to set up the approval flows for discounts and price changes give sales leaders the flexibility to approve special pricing sometimes needed to compete and win deals. Additionally, the system provides the ability to create multiple templates for various types of businesses from small business to enterprise organizations as well as partner-specific templates. With this system you have it all! A great solution made up of robust and flexible software backed by a team who is always there for assistance. The best thing is the developers know how sales organizations work and what they need, so it's like having an extended team in your sales organization. I would highly recommend this solution to anyone who is looking to enhance their sales organization’s efficiency with flexible and robust tools to WIN.

  • Neil Rohrer, CEO, Next HR Solutions

    After many attempts buying/building a quoting tool we found PayQuote. Best tool we have ever experienced. Professional look, easy to use, fully customizable, incredible service and these guys know the Payroll HCM world!

  • Teresa, PayNorthwest

    The PayQuote team is fantastic to work with, understands our industry, responds to our questions quickly, and offers a highly configurable product. After years of homegrown quoting spreadsheets and miscalculations, we made the change to PayQuote, and couldn't be happier. Now we save time when pricing updates are needed, have rules in place to ensure we are quoting correctly, and have better visibility for management to see what is quoted, lost, and won. I can't imagine going back to a spreadsheet again.

  • Les Vail, Sales Manager, Workplace HCM

    Since implementing the PayQuote system, our sales team has saved time and created a more accurate and professional proposal. The service is amazing and they are extremely responsive and always available to help answer questions, or incorporate our suggestions. We are now expanding to include the onboarding component. Thank you Meghan and team.

  • Matt T.

    PayQuote has taken the guesswork out of quoting and made it easier for our sales team to create error-free quotes, giving management a view of all quotes and their status, as well as the peace of mind that each deal is profitable.

  • Ralph F.

    We have really embraced OfficeDaily in many facets of our business. I would highly recommend this product.


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